Why are stainless steel sculptures so popular and favored by sculptors Oct 12, 2021

Since the first presence of chromium element in France in late 1800s By Louise Vauquelin, with invention of this stainless steel in the early 19th, this new alloy as the child of industrial revolution age has conquered the world with its remarkable strength, the renowned corrosion-resistance and heat-resistance properties and its biological cleanability.
From the 1970s, stainless steel begins to be so popular in the art area. With its forgeability and endurability it siezes the hearts of more and more sculptors. who can resist this material that is so strong, long-lasting, corrosion resistance, and on the other hand so versatile and flexible. since then stainless steel sculptures art works have spread over the worlds. there are so many iconic and famous works that decoreted and inspired our life and cities.

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