What is Maintenance of the Stainless Steel Sculpture? Apr 24, 2022

1. Surface treatment: The color of stainless steel sculpture itself is glossy silvery white. The sculpture can also be painted in different colors according to requirements, usually in automobile paint.

2. Usage: This product can be applied to outdoor and indoor places such as parks, botanical gardens, gardens, residential areas, squares, shopping malls, hotels, guesthouses and clubs.

3. Advantages of stainless steel material: The stainless steel material is hard to rust, easy to clean, strong in wind resistance and durable, which has become the mainstream of modern urban sculpture.

The stainless steel sculpture should be cleaned regularly and protected in a dry environment. Please wear gloves when holding it by hand to prevent the corrosion of the salt in hand sweat. If the dirt on the stainless steel sculpture is too much, blow it with the cold air from the electric dryer first. Then clean the stainless steel sculpture with a straw brush, and finally finish the cleaning with a soft brush. Never use metal polishing agents, water or any other solvents, otherwise stainless steel sculpture will fade. Considering the gap in the stainless steel sculpture, we can wet the cotton ball with saliva and wipe the gap from beginning to end so as not to miss it.

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