Sculptures from Ancient Greece: To Find the Colors "Faded" in the Renaissance Aug 04, 2022

Marble sculptures from Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome have their unique intellectual beauty, in front of which people feel holy and solemn. As always, people feel that their beauty does not come out of the five-color decoration. But the question is, when did we start to recognize this?

The Paper learned that "Chrome: Ancient Colored Sculptures" has been on in Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York (the Met) since July 5, "restoring" and reshowing 14 sculptures from ancient Greece and ancient Rome including Sphinx and more than 40 other ancient sculptures and potteries in the original and dynamic manner. In the radiant and enchanting exhibition hall of the Met, they are talking to the ancient sculptures polished into pure white as time goes by.

A Greek lady rebuilt in colors stays among the numerous white marble sculptures in the Met, out of place in such an apparent way.

The color reproduction of "Sphinx" in "Chrome" exhibition is the result of the extensive cooperation between Liebieghaus Skulpturensammlung and the Met. The other rebuilt works in exhibition are jointly created by the paleologist from the sculpture museum in Frankfurt and Ulrike Koch-Brinkmann. The couple has studied the chrome system for over 40 years, and the exhibition "Gods in Color" led by them has been on in various places since 2003. Their reproductions have been collected in multiple museums.