How long does it take to make a stainless steel sculpture? Oct 12, 2021

Everyone should have seen the sculpture in their life. There are many kinds of sculpture materials, and the stainless steel is a popular material now. Because of its good weather resistance, acid resistance, bad weather resistance, strong ductility, rich aesthetics and good nursing, the stainless steel is deeply loved by the public. Therefore, sculptures are made of stainless steel in many cities. Well, how long does it take to make a stainless steel sculpture? Come and get to know it!

Some people think the sculpture is simple, but it is not. As an old saying goes, "Soft fire makes sweet malt.". The sculpture is a fine work, but it is not a good work if it is done quickly. Only if you make it with your heart, you can make a high-quality sculpture. Small stainless steel sculptures are relatively simple to make and are usually completed regularly. However, for some large size stainless steel sculptures made on specific occasions, they must be unique and tailor-made. In addition, the process is complex and plentiful. Workers involved in the construction need to polish, weld and color in the later stage to refine the sculpture. These are the problems that need to be faced in the process of making stainless steel sculptures. If any link goes wrong, it will extend the sculpture cycle.

Usually the timeframe for a stainless steel sculpture in small size or life size, from the designing and detailing and manufacturing, it would take up working circle of 25 days around; but for large size stainless steel sculptures which is iconic, the timeframe of production will vary from 30 days to 60 days depending on the complexity and size of the design.

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