How are stainless steel sculpture being forged Oct 12, 2021

Step 1: Design and Inspiration:
Whether you are an artist who want ideas and designs being realised in perfect way or you are home-owners who have an inspiration for your own garden, or you are contractors or architect that require a perfect iconic product made for project, we are here with great honor to offer you the best stainless steel sculptures product with aesthectical perfection and refined quality.

Step 2: Modelling Pre-manufacturing:
A plaster model or a foam model before production is an essentaial step. they substantialize the design and ideas, on one hand, giving them tangible form to be reviewed and checked directly,on the other hand, they are where we make logical dissecting of the stainless steel sculpture, and where we assemble the stainless steel parts.

Step 3: HDG Sub-Structure:
For large-size stainless steel sculpture product, a sub stucture would be made based on models. All the sub-structure are laser-cut with minimal tolerance of size. The system of the sub-structure is designed and calculated. They are during production the base where the stainless steel parts will be assembled and welded, after production they are the supporting structure to ensure the longevity of the stainless steel sculpture that they won’t collapse by their own weight through time. usually the sub-structure are made of HDG.

Step 4: Stainless Steel Forging:
Forging is an exellent way of processing stainless steel into expected shape, combining the usage of mold, The forging process is very efficient and accurate. By forging, the grain structure inside the stainless steel is finer, and it has superior phyical properties.

Step 5: Welding and Assembling:
After all the forged stainless steel panels are perfectly matching the models. we are starting the welding and assembling process. The welding is not as easy as it looks. A senior welding artisan requires years of practice and experiences, they are the most important value to our comany.

Step 6: Surfacing:

after all the stainless steel parts are welded and assembled, the follow step is surfacing. the basic step is sanding starting from 80#  to 320# sanding gradually creating a smooth and fluent surface of the stainless steel sculpture, after which, we will go into the final step of finishing the sculpture into Polish, gloss, mirror finish or any other required or designed surface by client.

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