How are marble sculptures being made? Oct 12, 2021

Since very antient time, human has learned how to make use of stone for tools, and later on for artisitc expression. The most typical form is the life size human statues in the praise of the beauty of our own. And marble especially white marble is a perfect material for statues not only due to its well-known versatility, but also that its texture and the way how it reflect the light which is called: sub-scattering reflection make it so much close to human skin and yet in the meantime yielding the feeling of immortality and frozen moment.

how are marble sculptures being made in Toras Sculptures System?

Step 1: Usually clients are to offer us a very specific design. But if you only have an idea or an impression of what's in your mind, our designers will help you to develop it into detailed design. Imagery from historical art from renaissance to modern abstract art, or real photos could be inspiration of the works.

Step 2: Either with detailed designs or just an idea, our step 2 is to elaborate the expected works by developing details, size and material planning before production, and during this process, we would invite our client to participate and collaborate to achieve final version.

Step 3: 3D modelling or clay models pre-production will be made based on final version of design for client's review and confirmation. This step offers a materialized form of design for visual checking of client's ideas and design in tangible form.

Step 4: After the previous 3 steps, we have made very good preparation for the birth of a perfect product. Our senior artisans for marble sculptures are very experienced and well educated both in craftmanship and aesthetic appreciation to ensure that the product is not only prized by being exquisite but also expressive.

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