How are bronze sculptures cast/made? Apr 23, 2022

Bronze is the alloy of copper and tin. it plays an important role in human culture and arts history. Being found and used for sculptures since the very early age of human civilization, it becomes an important vessel/ carrier of ancient human thoughts and aesthetic values, leaving us huge legacy. Bronze is with wonderful ductility and strength, the most important properties for Bronze being favored and preferred for cast sculptures for artists is that it expands before it sets, which allows all the molten bronze to catch each intrigue details within the mould.

The method adopted for Bronze sculptures nowadays is not much different from ancient time which is the famous lost-wax casting:

step 1: Creating a clay sculpture, which is the original version of the design. Although this is the first step, but the clay sculpture decides the last step of the bronze sculpture. Ensure that all the details are well treated and exquisitely done, cause what the clay sculpture looks like is what the bronze sculpture would look like.

Step 2: Forming a mould around the clay sculpture usually by silicone rubber material, after which we would add an extra layer made out of plaster, resin or epoxy for the purpose of strengthening the silicone rubber mould, this is also called a mother mould, it retains the shape of the delicate mould of rubber.

Step 3: Pouring hot liquid wax into the silicone mould after the silicone mould is removed from the clay sculpture. In this way, we are obtaining a replica of the clay sculpture in wax. Wax sculpture needs to be chased before its ready for the next step.

Step 4: Creating a ceramics shell around the wax replica, which is called investment casting. After the ceramics shell is ready to contain the hot molten bronze liquid. They will be put into the autoclave where the wax copy disappear or LOSTdue to the high temperature and the pressure force. And meanwhile the ceramics shell is hardened and prepared for receiving the molten bronze.

Step 5: Position the ceramics shell in sand or or somewhere that it could be fixed and held, then pouring the molten bronze liquid into the shell, waiting it to be cool this is when the excellent character of Bronze: expands before it sets; constricts after sets, the former ensures that all the molten liquid occupy every little gap within the mould, and the latter helps the easy removing of the ceramics shell from the solidified bronze sculpture.

Step 6: Chase the bronze sculpture, if the bronze sculpture are cast in parts due to its large size, the parts will be assembled and welded together to form the complete piece.

Step 7: All bronze sculpture need to be protected with patinas. Usually the metal protectant is applied to form the protective sealant for bronze sculpture either used indoors and outdoors.

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