God Of The Sea Statue Greece

Poseidon, brother of Zeus and Hades is the god of sea, earthquakes and horses. This life-size Poseidon Statue replica made by China Statuario is so finely carved and detailed that his muscular pose and his hanging himation are so vivid and expressive.


  • Handmade
  • silky marble texture
  • muscular body shape details
  • Type of Material:

    Statuario Marble
  • Application:

    home and garden décor
  • Finish:

  • Minimum Order:

    1 piece
  • Color:

  • Delivery time:

    35 Days
  • Payment Terms:

    T/T, L/C, D/A

Product Description: The Poseidon Marble sculpture is recreated by the hands renowned for details. The selection of the supreme white marble with the most refined and silky texture and the minimal veins to ensure that Poseidon is with the skin of god and perfect reflection under sunlight and interior lighting. His eyes gaze into distance, his body pose hints an inclination of movement opposite to his gaze; the covered waist and his exposed musculature of his arms and torso are all expressed with incredibly artistic details.

Why Choose us? 

we have the most educated and experienced artisan and artists to ensure all the reproduction of the undying art piece is well expressed in the new carrier. 

How we craft the statue? 

About Toras Sulpture:

Toras Sculptures has been engaged in carving stone works either in the form of statues or architectural applications for more than 25 years. From the start-up, we have been concentrated on quality and aesthetics details. we firmly believe that the selection of suitable and good quality marble is the basis of a durable and vivid product. Marble selected must be with proper hardness for carving to ensure that complex design and details could be finely brought out under the chisel of artisan, and the color and texture is matching design and figures. Our artisan team is the soul of our company, their hand-carving profession and understanding of product is the key to make a raw stone material into a beautiful deco piece to enlighten your home and garden. 

Working with Toras, you will be offered: 

  • timely service and attention
  • years of profession to ensure product is desirable in both quality and aesthetics
  • Wide array of custom product both statuary or architectural piece as: column, balusters, corbels etc..

For years Toras has been providing for our classic customers with various types of carving stone products as much as like statues, sculptures, carved wall panels, decorative furnishings with supreme workmanship and details and yet competitive prices. 

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Leave A Message
If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.