• What is Maintenance of the Stainless Steel Sculpture?
  • 1. Surface treatment: The color of stainless steel sculpture itself is glossy silvery white. The sculpture can also be painted in different colors according to requirements, usually in automobile paint. 2. Usage: This product can be applied to outdoor and indoor places such as parks, botanical gardens, gardens, residential areas, squares, shopping malls, hotels, guesthouses and clubs. 3. Advantages of stainless steel material: The stainless steel material is hard to rust, easy to clean, strong in wind resistance and durable, which has become the mainstream of modern urban sculpture. The stainless steel sculpture should be cleaned regularly and protected in a dry environment. Please wear gloves when holding it by hand to prevent the corrosion of the salt in hand sweat. If the dirt on the stainless steel sculpture is too much, blow it with the cold air from the electric dryer first. Then clean the stainless steel sculpture with a straw brush, and finally finish the cleaning with a soft brush. Never use metal polishing agents, water or any other solvents, otherwise stainless steel sculpture will fade. Considering the gap in the stainless steel sculpture, we can wet the cotton ball with saliva and wipe the gap from beginning to end so as not to miss it.
  • How are bronze sculptures cast/made?
  • Bronze is the alloy of copper and tin. it plays an important role in human culture and arts history. Being found and used for sculptures since the very early age of human civilization, it becomes an important vessel/ carrier of ancient human thoughts and aesthetic values, leaving us huge legacy. Bronze is with wonderful ductility and strength, the most important properties for Bronze being favored and preferred for cast sculptures for artists is that it expands before it sets, which allows all the molten bronze to catch each intrigue details within the mould. The method adopted for Bronze sculptures nowadays is not much different from ancient time which is the famous lost-wax casting: step 1: Creating a clay sculpture, which is the original version of the design. Although this is the first step, but the clay sculpture decides the last step of the bronze sculpture. Ensure that all the details are well treated and exquisitely done, cause what the clay sculpture looks like is what the bronze sculpture would look like. Step 2: Forming a mould around the clay sculpture usually by silicone rubber material, after which we would add an extra layer made out of plaster, resin or epoxy for the purpose of strengthening the silicone rubber mould, this is also called a mother mould, it retains the shape of the delicate mould of rubber. Step 3: Pouring hot liquid wax into the silicone mould after the silicone mould is removed from the clay sculpture. In this way, we are obtaining a replica of the clay sculpture in wax. Wax sculpture needs to be chased before it’s ready for the next step. Step 4: Creating a ceramics shell around the wax replica, which is called investment casting. After the ceramics shell is ready to contain the hot molten bronze liquid. They will be put into the autoclave where the wax copy disappear or “LOST” due to the high temperature and the pressure force. And meanwhile the ceramics shell is hardened and prepared for receiving the molten bronze. Step 5: Position the ceramics shell in sand or or somewhere that it could be fixed and held, then pouring the molten bronze liquid into the shell, waiting it to be cool this is when the excellent character of Bronze: expands before it sets; constricts after sets, the former ensures that all the molten liquid occupy every little gap within the mould, and the latter helps the easy removing of the ceramics shell from the solidified bronze sculpture. Step 6: Chase the bronze sculpture, if the bronze sculpture are cast in parts due to its large size, the parts will be assembled and welded together to form the complete piece. Step 7: All bronze sculpture need to be protected with patinas. Usually the metal protectant is applied to form the protective sealant for bronze sculpture either used indoors and outdoors.
  • How are stainless steel sculpture being forged
  • Step 1: Design and Inspiration: Whether you are an artist who want ideas and designs being realised in perfect way or you are home-owners who have an inspiration for your own garden, or you are contractors or architect that require a perfect iconic product made for project, we are here with great honor to offer you the best stainless steel sculptures product with aesthectical perfection and refined quality. Step 2: Modelling Pre-manufacturing: A plaster model or a foam model before production is an essentaial step. they substantialize the design and ideas, on one hand, giving them tangible form to be reviewed and checked directly,on the other hand, they are where we make logical dissecting of the stainless steel sculpture, and where we assemble the stainless steel parts. Step 3: HDG Sub-Structure: For large-size stainless steel sculpture product, a sub stucture would be made based on models. All the sub-structure are laser-cut with minimal tolerance of size. The system of the sub-structure is designed and calculated. They are during production the base where the stainless steel parts will be assembled and welded, after production they are the supporting structure to ensure the longevity of the stainless steel sculpture that they won’t collapse by their own weight through time. usually the sub-structure are made of HDG. Step 4: Stainless Steel Forging: Forging is an exellent way of processing stainless steel into expected shape, combining the usage of mold, The forging process is very efficient and accurate. By forging, the grain structure inside the stainless steel is finer, and it has superior phyical properties. Step 5: Welding and Assembling: After all the forged stainless steel panels are perfectly matching the models. we are starting the welding and assembling process. The welding is not as easy as it looks. A senior welding artisan requires years of practice and experiences, they are the most important value to our comany. Step 6: Surfacing: after all the stainless steel parts are welded and assembled, the follow step is surfacing. the basic step is sanding starting from 80#  to 320# sanding gradually creating a smooth and fluent surface of the stainless steel sculpture, after which, we will go into the final step of finishing the sculpture into Polish, gloss, mirror finish or any other required or designed surface by client.
  • How are marble sculptures being made?
  • Since very antient time, human has learned how to make use of stone for tools, and later on for artisitc expression. The most typical form is the life size human statues in the praise of the beauty of our own. And marble especially white marble is a perfect material for statues not only due to its well-known versatility, but also that its texture and the way how it reflect the light which is called: sub-scattering reflection make it so much close to human skin and yet in the meantime yielding the feeling of immortality and frozen moment. how are marble sculptures being made in Toras Sculptures System? Step 1: Usually clients are to offer us a very specific design. But if you only have an idea or an impression of what's in your mind, our designers will help you to develop it into detailed design. Imagery from historical art from renaissance to modern abstract art, or real photos could be inspiration of the works. Step 2: Either with detailed designs or just an idea, our step 2 is to elaborate the expected works by developing details, size and material planning before production, and during this process, we would invite our client to participate and collaborate to achieve final version. Step 3: 3D modelling or clay models pre-production will be made based on final version of design for client's review and confirmation. This step offers a materialized form of design for visual checking of client's ideas and design in tangible form. Step 4: After the previous 3 steps, we have made very good preparation for the birth of a perfect product. Our senior artisans for marble sculptures are very experienced and well educated both in craftmanship and aesthetic appreciation to ensure that the product is not only prized by being exquisite but also expressive.

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