What is the internal structure of the stainless steel sculpture? Jul 02, 2020

The stainless steel sculpture is not only a sculpture often seen in daily life, but also a symbolic sculpture. What we see is a shiny and vivid stainless steel sculpture, but we can't see its interior-- an important part for us. Because it is related to the safety and quality of the whole sculpture, the internal structure also increases the cost of manufacturers invisibly.

Generally, the internal structure of the stainless steel sculpture determines the materials of the internal keel according to the actual size of a sculpture (some products do not need the internal keel). The internal keel plays a supporting role, and can improve the stability. The first point of making the stainless steel sculpture is to do the base and the skeleton well. Only a skeleton is welded completely, can the charm and the beauty of the sculpture be shown when the welding of the stainless steel is finished and can the connotation and moral of this artwork be further expressed. The interior of stainless steel sculpture usually uses the material (H steel, square steel, square pipe, round pipe, galvanized pipe, solid pipe, etc.) to make a strong and beautiful base to support the elegant sculpture.

In this age of rampant interests, customers tend to lose the safety of products for pursuing the price, and manufacturers use inferior materials and turn out sub-standard products for the interests. Accordingly, these phenomena are manifested in the products. Some procedures are subtracted or materials are continuously reduced and thinned in the production process. In order to push down the price again and again, few customers are concerned about the safety and the aesthetics of products, resulting in price confusion in the market. However, manufacturers can only make profits by controlling the cost in the face of customers' prices, and are opportunistic in materials (using low-cost and unqualified materials or using thin materials not according to the size of sculptures), stainless steels and models.

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