Let's appreciate the stunning stone sculptures from Zimbabwe Aug 19, 2021

The stone carving art of Zimbabwe, Africa is strikingly impressive with its laconic lines, exaggerating and varied modeling techniques, simple and natural expressions, and mysterious and singular artistic styles.

Located in the peaceful and quaint African land, Zimbabwe is the only country in the world named after an ancient cultural heritage site. Under the scorching sun of Africa's dry season and in the mountains covered with vegetation, the artists sat by the trees and hammered and chiseled with the most primitive tools to carve stones into aesthetically appealing art works - Zimbabwe stone sculptures.

These artists were a group of cultured Africans full of ideas, vitality and wisdom. Instead of catering to other people's aesthetic perceptions, they carved images with varied and simple methods at will and left epic and unequalled works of art.

Someone once asked the Spanish art master Dali: “Which kind of art impressed you the most in your life?” “The stone sculptures art of Zimbabwe!” Dali answered without hesitation.

A great many artists including Picasso and Matisse were attracted and influenced by the stone sculptures art of Zimbabwe, from which they drew infinite artistic inspirations and went on to achieve success and fame. stone sculptures are among the collections in the Paris Museum of Modern Art, the homes of Queen Elizabeth II, Rockefeller, and Prince Charles. The realistic technique of "expressing the existence of life" in Zimbabwe's stone sculptures art is also exaggerating and abstract to the extreme. It is an artistic expression with strong spiritual imagination and super-emotions.

With the laconic and simple language of sculpture, African traditions and spirit were recounted by the artists; primitive aesthetics and peace were represented in the rough and unrestrained styles; and the artists' perception and peculiar understanding of the essence of life were expressed with exaggeration and form mutation.

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