Life Size Bronze Statues

Toras Sculptures, starting from a small workshop with a few intelligent designers and artisans, aims to bring art and beauty to everyday life. With years of development, we now not only own marble sculpture plant, stainless steel and bronze manufacturing centre, but also a team with great profession and experiences in manufacturing and passionate love for arts. Sophisticated details and quality is the blood running through the veins of our products.

While artistic sculpture products are being more and more commercialized with the growing demand from the global market, there are various suppliers with various interpretation and quality control. Toras Sculptures, from the very first sculpture product we have made, has been dedicated to the details of each product either original design or replica from masterpieces. From the selection of superior grade of raw material, to the technical virtuosity through the growing numbers of senior artisans, we acquire the capability to have a touch on the souls of the designers and artistic maestro.

Toras Sculptures provide service from designing to manufacturing. If a client wants a sculpture product in whichever medium of stone, stainless steel or bronze, he or she could give us a very specific design with clear expectation or an prototype or just an idea. By the latter, our designers will work together with client to develop the prototype and finalize the design. When designs are finalized and confirmed, we will provided 3D render or pre-production models by the material of clay or high density foam depending on the medium of the sculptures. This step is finished while both client and our senior artisan confirm all the details and design. Now we are on the manufacturing part where our team will take over the whole realization of the product from deisng/idea to the real artistic object. When products are made and realized, we will offer videos and High Definition photos for clients review and confirmation. And then they are ready to shipped to enlighten any space either indoors or outdoors.


Clients are the ones who is not only giving orders, but also giving us trust, we will return all our respectful clients with profession and supreme quality products. Please feel free to contact us. 

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